Discover the TLC Paw Partner Program

Discover the TLC Paw Partner Program

The TLC Paw Partner Program combines our proven formulas with incredible rewards. 


Feed premium quality TLC Pet Food to the pets in your care, enjoy our unmatched customer service, and discover the value in Whole Life Nutrition™.

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Share your ‘TLC experience’ with your friends, family, and network of pet owners.


Earn points when they order TLC and lower your food costs!

How It Works

Qualified TLC Paw Partners are given a URL to a unique TLC Paw Partner page featuring TLC’s Whole Life Pet Food formulas.

Share your URL with friends, family, and your network. Earn points and give them $5 off when they place their first order with TLC through your Paw Partner page.

Continue earning points when your referrals purchase TLC and use your points against your own TLC purchases.

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Earning Points As A Qualified TLC Paw Partner

Qualified Paw Partners will have the chance to earn points when their followers and pet parents in their network purchase TLC!  

10 Points = $1

TLC Product Point Value

When your referral purchases…

You earn…

1 x Whole Life Puppy Food 30 lb Case50 points ($5)
1 x Whole Life Dog Food 30 lb Case50 points ($5)
1 x Whole Life 15 lb Cat Food Case40 points ($4)
1 x Whole Life Dog Biscuits 5 lb Bag20 points ($2)
1 x Whole Life Dog Biscuits 20 lb Bulk Box40 points ($4)
Grow your referrals

Adding TLC to your website or through your social media content demonstrates your commitment to providing quality care for your pets and will increase your referrals.

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Learn how to track your progress and manage your referrals.

Learn how to apply points during checkout

Learn how to apply the points you earn against your next order with TLC.

Learn how to grow your referrals as a TLC Paw Partner

Tips and tricks for growing your TLC business as a qualified TLC Paw Partner.