Learn how to grow your referrals as a TLC Paw Partner

Growing Your Referrals

Tips and tricks for growing your TLC business as a qualified TLC Paw Partner.

Give your family, friends, and network $5 off PLUS a free gift by sharing the URL to your unique Paw Partner page. When they place their first order with TLC through your page, they become linked to you as a referral. Earn points every time a referral makes a purchase with TLC.

We will share templates for social media posts, emails, and information cards that you can share with your network to let them know about TLC. Always be sure to include your link in your communications with potential referrals. 

Find your URL under My Account here.

What will my referrals see when they visit my unique TLC web page?

You can visit your URL any time to see what your friends, family, and network will see and experience when they visit your page. Your page will be personalized with your name or a ‘Brand Name’ to help your network identify your page.

Your page will showcase TLC’s premium quality pet food formulas. When items are added to a visitor’s cart from your page and they proceed to checkout, a $5 off coupon will automatically be applied to their order (applicable to new TLC customers placing their first order only).

Spreading the word on social media

Feel free to save the images below and share them on your favorite social media platforms. Include the link to your web page where possible or have it available in your bio.

Caption prompt (copy & paste or use as inspiration for your own post):

TLC uses carefully chosen ingredients and delivers their premium-quality pet food formulas to your door for free! Place your order online and take advantage of this $5 off coupon!”
Download a digital TLC coupon and share with followers
Download a digital coupon to share with followers
TLC post ideas

Spreading the Word with Email

Copy this email template and adjust it as needed to send to your friends, family, and network. Be sure to include the URL to your unique Paw Partner page!

Find some of the many reasons I recommend TLC below and take advantage of  $5 OFF your first order.

Autoship delivers your pet’s food using a personalized schedule based on your pet’s needs. My recommendation for scheduling your orders using Autoship, based on your pet’s breed, would be every 5 weeks. You can adjust your Autoship schedule as your pet grows and can cancel it at any time!

Feel free to contact TLC’s dedicated Pet Service Team if you have any questions by phone at 1-877-328-8400 or email at petservice@tlcpetfood.com.


* Meat-first, ancestral-based formula sold to North American pet owners since 1994.
* Made with wholesome ingredients and biologically beneficial protein sources, TLC has a taste your pet will love and nutrition you can trust.

* TLC Pet Food is made fresh and delivered for FREE right to your door.

* Unmatched customer service, dedicated to serving you and your pet.

* Schedule your FREE deliveries according to your pet’s individual eating habits using Autoship.
* Never worry about running out of pet food, change, adjust or cancel anytime!

Follow this link to place your first order and SAVE $5. 

*include the URL to your unique Paw Partner page here*

Shareable TLC Pet Food Information

Download the TLC Nutritional Rack Cards and use them when speaking with your buyers! There is a rack card for each formula that includes a breakdown of the ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and key nutritional benefits. 

Download Nutritional Rack Cards