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These terms were last updated November 1, 2021

By checking “Yes! Schedule my orders using Autoship” and/or selecting “Yes” to schedule your first order using Autoship and/or by adding a valid payment method to a TLC Account with an ‘Active’ Autoship schedule you agree and accept the terms and conditions (“Terms”) for TLC Pet Food’s (“TLC”) Autoship Program (“Autoship”). These terms encompass the agreement between you (“the customer”) and TLC Pet Food in relation to the company’s Autoship program. Use of TLC’s website is also subject to and governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Please read these terms carefully.

Why Autoship?

TLC Pet Food’s Autoship program allows you to schedule ongoing shipments including your favorite TLC products according to your pet’s individual needs. Your Autoship schedule will automatically create and process payment for orders based on your chosen frequency. You may include any eligible TLC product in any quantity with the ability to adjust your frequency and/or Next Shipment Date on a one-time or ongoing basis, add or remove products and/or redirect shipments as needed. You have the ability to pause your Autoship schedule, temporarily stopping automatic shipments until a chosen start date when your Autoship schedule will resume. In addition to the benefits noted above, TLC Pet Food may offer incentives for opting into Autoship including but not limited to discounts., etc.,
TLC Pet Food reserves the right to amend the benefits noted above at any time.

Notifications, Automatic Order Creation, Adjustments, and/or Cancellations

When you opt into using the TLC Autoship program and/or schedule your first order using Autoship, you will receive an emailed confirmation detailing the items included in your Autoship, including the regular price of the items included in your Autoship at the time the schedule was created, the frequency of your scheduled shipments, the default shipping address associated with your TLC account and the default payment method associated with your TLC account.

When opting into Autoship while placing an order, you will have the opportunity to review your order and Autoship details prior to checkout. Your selected payment method will be charged at the time your order is placed. Your Autoship schedule will then automatically create orders according to your chosen frequency on an ongoing basis, with your default payment method being processed for payment the morning your order ships until your Autoship is adjusted or canceled. Your order will be shipped to the default shipping address associated with your account.

You will receive notification of upcoming shipments 3 days in advance. Your Autoship can be adjusted, paused, or canceled at any time before 11:59 PM est on the day before your order is scheduled to ship. If you do not update or cancel your Autoship before the cut-off, your order will be generated and processed for payment.

To ensure the timely delivery of your Autoship orders and maintain our commitment to convenience, we reserve the right to process and ship your Autoship orders earlier or later than the scheduled ‘Next Autoship date’. This flexibility allows us to address operational needs, including office closures due to statutory holidays, etc. We will always do our best to ship orders as close to the ‘Next Shipment Date’ as possible.

You may contact the TLC Pet Service Team available Mon-Fri 8:30 AM est to 4:30 PM est should you have any questions regarding your order by phone at 1-877-328-8400 or through our designated contact form available here.

Pricing, Billing, Discounts, etc.,

The regular price of the items included in your Autoship is identified when you opt in to TLC’s Autoship program. From time to time, TLC products may experience small adjustments in price. We will make every attempt to contact you by email in advance of any change in price. Your Autoship orders are subject to state and local sales tax and/or any applicable shipping fees based on the default shipping address associated with your account. You may be eligible for periodic discounts applicable to Autoship orders. It is your responsibility to redeem any eligible discounts in order to have them applied to upcoming shipments.

The default payment method associated with your TLC account will be processed for payment on the date your order is scheduled to ship. Should payment fail for any reason you will receive notification by email and will be given an opportunity to update your payment method. We will hold your order for up to 3 days after the original ship date or until a valid payment method is added to your TLC account. If TLC is unable to reach you and/or payment is not received 3 days from the original ship date, TLC Pet Food will cancel the order. Your Autoship schedule will remain intact until it is canceled.

You can manage your Autoship schedule, including cancelation by visiting the Autoship section of your account, found here.

Changes to These Terms

TLC may change the Terms as described, including the conditions and limitations herein at any time without notice to you. If any change is found invalid, void or unenforceable for any reason, that change is severable and does not affect the remaining terms and conditions. Your continued participation in the Autoship program after these changes have been implemented will constitute acceptance of these changes. Should you not agree with the terms as they are laid out, you may cancel your Autoship schedule at any time.

Additional Terms

TLC may cancel your Autoship schedule at any time without notice. You will only be charged for orders that are shipping to you. TLC Pet Food delivers to the (48) contiguous US states and across Canada. Your participation in the Autoship program is intended for the primary account holder and cannot be transferred to any third party without authorization from TLC. All returns are subject to TLC’s return policy.