Cat food in a bowl and scoop

How to Properly Store Your Kitten’s Food

TLC Pet Food gives tips and advice for properly storing your kitten’s food to ensure the best freshness and premium quality!

We all take precautions when it comes to storing the food we purchase to feed our families properly. Similarly, we need to take precautions when storing food for your cat.

Use these guidelines to store your kitten’s TLC, and their premium quality food will maintain its freshness. This is important because fresh food allows you to continue providing the best nutrition possible for lifelong health!


Unlike other commercial pet food that may sit on a grocery store shelf before being purchased, TLC Pet Food is made fresh. In addition, it arrives at your door for free soon after being packaged and avoids the middle man.

Place your order of TLC today, and our premium-quality pet food will be delivered fresh and delivered FREE to your door!

Thanks to the resealable bag, TLC is safe to feed your cat approximately one year after being packaged.

best before date on catfood


The bag your kitten’s TLC arrives in prevents the natural ingredients it holds from spoiling. In addition, this bag helps to keep things like oxygen and humidity out and maintain the naturally occurring oils. Close the seal by running your fingers across the top.

Store the bags in a cool, dry place. Finally, ensure freshness by placing the re-sealed bag of TLC in an airtight container.


If you’d prefer to empty the bag of TLC into a container, follow these tips to ensure proper storage:

  • Wash and thoroughly dry the container before using and before every new bag.
  • Use a container that can be quickly closed and opened with an airtight lid. 
  • Most importantly, store the container in a cool place. In addition, the food should be stored somewhere dry and avoid areas where temperatures fluctuate considerably.