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Kitten Training Tips for New Pet Parents

TLC Pet Food discusses the best kitten training tips for new pet parents. Cats are very intelligent and can be easily trained with the right tactics if you begin your training while they are still a kitten.

Training your kitten with consistency is crucial. Your dog’s ancestry traces back to a wolf. You must establish yourself as the leader of your puppy’s pack to command their respect. This will help with obedience both now and into adulthood. Kitten behavior training comes down to a few key aspects. This includes starting their training early, having a strict routine, and following a few simple training tips.

Teaching good behavior from the beginning is important if you want a well-behaved cat in the future. Start early! You can begin training your kitten as soon as you bring them home. It is important to train your kitten the way you would like them to behave like a full-grown cat. Some day your new small bundle of joy will grow and keep their bad habits which may not seem as sweet anymore.

It is vital that the entire household is on the same page and follows a consistent routine for your kitten. Training your kitten a new expected behavior will work if you have a consistent routine for that behavior. Establishing a routine right away with your new kitten is the key to successful house training. This will help your kitten be confident in their expected behaviors and make the training process much more manageable.

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Here are a few simple rules to help you with training:

  • Be firm with your kitten and establish who is in charge with a controlled voice
  • Be consistent and follow through with every newly learned behavior, even when they give you their best kitten sad eyes.
  • Never physically reprimand your kitten for disobeying.
  • Always use positive reinforcement! Love and affection mixed with the occasional small treat will let them know that you’re happy with their behavior.
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