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Litter Box Training for Your Kitten

TLC Pet Food shares tips and advice for litter box training your kitten with ease.

One of the first things to train your new kitten is to be comfortable using a litter box. Housetraining can be a tedious but important part of bringing home a new companion. Try these easy-to-follow stress-free litter box training tips!

Start Early

You will want to start training your kitten to use the litter box from the moment you bring them home. The sooner you introduce the litter box as part of their routine and tendencies, the better. Some kittens may take to the litter box easier than others if they were around their mother using a litter box and watched that behavior. 

Designated Spot with Privacy

Your kitten should have a designated spot for their litter box as consistency is key. Privacy can be an important part for cats when using their litter box, so try to make sure your cat’s box is off to the side away from any busy or main area of your house. 

Getting Comfortable

When training your new kitty to use the litter box, make sure you get them comfortable with the box first. You should begin by placing your kitten in the litterbox, especially after they wake up from sleeping or after a meal, as these are times kittens may want to use the litter box. Allow them sometimes to be curious about the box; if they begin digging at the litter, this is a good sign.

Positive Reinforcement

Anytime your new kitten does a behavior you want to encourage, give them some form of positive reinforcement, like a treat. If they go into the litter box on their own, reward them. If they paw at the litter, reward them, and of course, if they use the litter box to relieve themselves, reward them. This tells your cat that these are behaviors they should continue.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your kitten’s litter box regularly is an important part of training. Cats will avoid using an overly dirty litter box. If your kitten has stopped using the litter box and their box has not been cleaned in a while, this may be the reason for the change in their behavior. 

Training your kitten to use the litter box doesn’t have to be a hassle if you follow these tips and tricks for training!

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