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Puppy Feeding Tips: Creating a Hassle Free Mealtime

TLC Pet Food shares puppy feeding tips and advice for new puppy owners that will help to make mealtime hassle-free for you and your puppy!

When introducing a feeding routine to your new puppy, it is important to consider the easy steps you can take to make mealtime more enjoyable for you and your puppy. Mealtime is an important part of your pup’s day, and it is important to make sure they have a safe and positive eating experience. Follow these puppy feeding tips and tricks for a hassle-free mealtime!

Plenty of Fresh Water

Always leave a bowl full of water out for your puppy. Puppies need to hydrate themselves for proper digestion to occur. Also, puppies are extremely active and need to be constantly hydrated.

Avoid Table Scraps

Avoid feeding your puppy table scraps if you want to maintain a well-balanced diet. In doing so, this will help prevent health concerns and fussy eating habits. There are many foods that we as humans eat that could contribute to weight gain and are toxic.

Keep it Clean

A hungry puppy can make quite a mess when eating, but keeping its feeding area clean is important. If you have a towel or cloth underneath your puppy’s food and water bowl, it is recommended to replace and clean regularly. It is also recommended that their feeding and water bowls be thoroughly washed regularly to remove unwanted bacterial buildup over time.

Distraction Free

Avoiding distractions is helpful when creating a hassle-free mealtime for your pup! Leave your puppy in peace while they are eating. Taking their food away or disturbing them while they eat can lead to anxiety and food-related aggression. Have a designated feeding time and place for your pup to help them get into a comfortable routine. 

Include these puppy feeding tips in your pup’s feeding routine to enjoy a hassle-free mealtime!