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puppy laying down

Relieve Puppy Boredom: 10 Puppy Boredom Busters

TLC Pet Food shares ten fun ways to relieve puppy boredom from your own home while addressing their cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being.

We can all get a little stir-crazy during the long winter months and rainy days, and so can our pups! To help relieve puppy boredom, we lay out “10 Puppy Boredom Busters” that help address your puppy’s cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being. Easy to prepare and guaranteed to help keep your pup happy and entertained!

Check it out and don’t forget to grab a bag of TLC Whole Life Biscuits for the fun DIY puzzles and training games!

1. Muffin Tin Treat Game

What You Need:

  • A clean muffin tin
  • Whole Life Dog Biscuits broken into pieces
  • 12 tennis balls


  • Place the broken biscuit pieces into some of the muffin cups
  • Cover every cup with a tennis ball
  • Let your pooch use its nose to discover where each of the hidden treats is!
dog with muffin tin

Tip: For pups of the toy and small breed variety, use mini-muffin trays and ping pong balls instead!

2. DIY Treat Tube

What You Need:

  • An emptied paper towel roll (for smaller breeds or cats) or PVC pipe for something a little more durable
  • Scissors (if using the paper towel roll)/drill for PVC pipe
  • Whole Life Dog Biscuits broken into pieces


  • Cut or drill holes sporadically from one end of the tube to the other (make them small enough to allow a piece of a treat to pass through)
  • Seal off one end of the tube by folding it closed (using the paper towel roll) or using a PVC cap. Fill with biscuit pieces.
  • Seal off the other end
  • Set in front of your pup and watch them bat it around. They’ll learn cause and effect when one of their treats appears after pushing the tube! (Remember never to leave your pet with homemade toys unattended!)

3. Surprise Boxes

What You Need:

  • 5 emptied shoeboxes with removable lids
  • Whole Life Dog Biscuits broken into pieces OR 2 new toys


  • In an open area in your house, place the shoe boxes on the floor
  • Place treats or toys in some of the boxes and leave the others empty
  • Cover with lids
  • Introduce your puppy to the scene. Let them use their nose to find their treats or prompt them to search the boxes. They’ll have fun discovering what’s inside!
puppy with surprise box

4. Hide and Seek

What You Need:

  • Yourself
  • An area of the house where you can hide


  • Have your pup stay
  • Hide somewhere in your house
  • Call out or make a noise to grab your pup’s attention, then enjoy waiting patiently for them to find you! Reward them with a TLC Whole Life Dog Biscuit when they find you and celebrate their success with them.
  • Repeat and see if you can have them learn to hide (leave the space you’re in and stay somewhere else until you approach) while you’re counting!

5. Build a Fort

Relieve puppy boredom with a homemade fort. Section of an area of your home, use cushions, couch pieces, and blankets to create a “fort.” Have fun watching your pup run and jump, letting out some much-needed energy!

6. DIY Tug Toy

What You Need:

  • An old (but clean) rag or towel


  • Tie a large knot at the end of an old rag or towel, hold the other end in your hand, and voila, you have a DIY tug toy to help let off a little extra “steam.”
dog tugging on shirt

7. Puppy Track

Create a mini “track” in your yard with obstacles for your pup to run around, or after a significant snow dump, get out your shovel and create a mini track. Let your pup loose and have fun watching them expend their energy while circling the track!

snow track
Owner Jay Moschella shares his Greyhound racing around a hand shoveled track in the snow. (Originally posted by @Jay_Moschella via Twitter)

8. Take a New Route

Let your pup experience a change in scenery by taking alternate routes on your daily walk. When weather permits, visit new destinations and let your pup explore!

9. Snuggle Time

Give your pup some extra attention! Curl up on the couch and treat them to someone on one time with lots of belly rubs.

10. New Tricks

Please choose a new trick and help bolster your pup’s self-esteem as they learn to master it. Learning a new trick is a great way to entertain your puppy and relieve puppy boredom. Remember, TLC Whole Life Dog Biscuits are the perfect treat for rewarding tricks!