The Value of Superior Quality TLC Dog Food

TLC pet food provides tips and tricks for determining if your high-quality pet food has incredible value. Try TLC's new feeding calculator to determine your daily feeding cost!

Get the most bark for your buck!

There are more pet foods to choose from than ever before, and it can be overwhelming when trying to find an affordable option without sacrificing quality. You wouldn’t put a price on the health and well-being of your pet, and an expensive price tag doesn’t always mean you’re getting the highest quality food. So how do you ensure you get the most bark for your buck? 

No matter the price of a formula, there are a few red flags that you should be aware of to help narrow your search for the best food for your pet: 

  • By-Products, Artificial Flavors, Colors, and Fillers: By-products are not a complete source of protein. Artificial flavors or colors are unnatural ingredients and have no nutritional value. TLC Pet Food is naturally preserved and contains no by-products, artificial flavors, colors, corn, or soy. 
  • Mystery Ingredients: Avoid non-descript ingredients such as “natural flavoring.” This is often used instead of saying salt or other ingredients with little to no nutritional value. You should also be wary of any trendy ingredients/diets that have not been adequately researched. 
  • Meat as a Secondary Ingredient or Formulas Using “Fresh Meat”: A named meat meal should always be the first ingredient listed. Ingredients like “Fresh Chicken” are approximately 70% water meaning even if it is listed as the first ingredient, the quantity of the meat is diminished once the food is cooked. The same amount of a meal, like a Chicken Meal, has 4-5x the nutrients found in “fresh” ingredients.
  • Does Not Meet AAFCO Specifications: Make sure the food you are feeding your pet meets the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Check for the AAFCO statement on the packaging.
  • Recalls: It is essential to be able to trust the manufacturer. TLC has never issued a recall on any product.

How to determine if your high-quality food has incredible value? 

The pet food industry has a vast range of prices and options, making it challenging to find food with the best value. There are a few things to keep in mind when determining the value of a pet food: 

  • High-quality food with highly digestible meat-based proteins, vegetables, whole grains, vitamins, and antioxidants will not require you to feed as much food per day. TLC prides itself on using a unique blend of highly concentrated ingredients leaving your pet nourished and satisfied longer with less food. Lower-quality food may cost less, but you may need to feed your pet more frequently, resulting in having to purchase food more often.
  • Will you still need to buy other supplements and additives for your pet? TLC pet food includes pre and probiotics, glucosamine and chondroitin, and 100% Ethoxyquin free salmon oil. TLC formulas include all essential nutrients required by your pet for a complete and balanced diet!
  • When choosing a pet food, you should look at the sticker price and all other added costs and effort. Does this food get shipped right to your house for free? Do you have to spend time driving to a pet store after a long day of work to buy and lug home a big bag of food that may have been sitting on a store shelf for months? There are many elements to buying quality pet food that adds to the purchase value. 
  • The most important indicator of quality pet food would be the price itself. You want to look at the daily feeding costs and how long a single order will last you. TLC pet food has put together a convenient and easy-to-use feeding calculator so you can see just how little it takes to feed your pet premium quality pet food!

All you need to do is select the TLC product you feed, your pet’s age range, and weight; our calculator will do the rest! 

For example, if you feed our Whole Life Dog Food to a 5-year-old, 50 lb dog, you would feed 2.25 cups daily. This means one order of TLC would last 7 weeks and only cost you $1.36 a day to provide a complete and balanced food formulated to help them live a happier, healthier life. 

Try our feeding calculator to get your results and see the value of TLC!