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Welcome to TLC Pet Food, the premium quality pet food company you can trust. Our mission is to deliver lifelong quality nutrition, helping your pets live healthier, happier lives. Our pet food is formulated using only the highest quality ingredients, carefully chosen by professionally trained nutritionists. We believe that every pet deserves the best, which is why we never compromise on quality. Feel confident choosing TLC risk-free thanks to our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Give us a try, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact our dedicated TLC Pet Service Team.

TLC Whole Life Puppy Food
Whole Life Puppy Food
TLC Whole Life Dog Food
Whole Life Dog Food
TLC Whole Life Dog Biscuits
Whole Life Dog Biscuits
$30.95 – $64.95
Whole Life Dog Biscuits
TLC Whole Life Cat Food
Whole Life Cat Food

A Taste They’ll Love, Ingredients You Can Trust

  • Highly concentrated meat proteins
  • Ancient whole grains
  • Pre & probiotics
  • Loaded with vitamins & minerals
  • Rich in Omegas 3&6

Feed Premium Quality TLC Pet Food for Just Dollars a Day!

Holistic & Biologically Appropriate

TLC Is Inspired by Nature and Formulated to Meet Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

Formulated by professionally trained nutritionists, every ingredient used in our Whole Life Pet Food has been chosen for its nutritional benefits. The first ingredient in every TLC formula is superior-quality meat, mirroring your pet’s ancestral diet. Diets rich in quality proteins deliver essential amino acids and are linked to reduced risk of heart disease, improved cholesterol levels, proper weight management, and an increase in lean muscle development. 

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Farm Fresh, Quality Ingredients

Our Fresh, Never Frozen Ingredients Arrive Daily From North American Farms, Fisheries, and Suppliers

Ingredients used in TLC Pet Food have been thoughtfully selected from responsible farms and suppliers. TLC never compromises when it comes to quality, choosing only the best ingredients available for each of our Whole Life Pet Food™ recipes. Check out our premium quality puppy, dog, and cat food recipes today!

Nutrition You Can Trust for Their Whole Life™

Our Premium Quality Pet Food Is Complete and Balanced, Made for A Lifetime of Superior Quality Nutrition

TLC Pet Food is made to meet AAFCO’s nutrient profiles for growth and maintenance. TLC can be fed to dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. When you purchase our Whole Life Pet Food™ formulas you join the TLC Family, a group of long-term, happy and satisfied customers. See what others are saying about TLC!

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Join Our TLC Pack & See the Difference

“Our German Shepherd loves it. His coat and skin are just beautiful and soft. Full of goodness for your dog. Good firm stools. That was the reason we changed to this food. It really delivers.”

Alexandra H.

“I can’t recommend this food enough to anyone who is listening. This food is the best. The coat that it gives my dogs, as well as helping their joints and aches and pains; it’s actually noticeable and it’s amazing!”

Steve W.

“TLC has been delivering the food for our dogs for at least 8 years now. They are fast, reliable and the price for food is great. It gets delivered right to your front door at no extra cost. Check out the ingredients!”

Stephanie N.

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"My Old English Sheepdog, Augusta (Gus for short), had stomach issues from almost the day we brought him home. We were about to have him tested for food intolerances and possible other illnesses when I came across TLC pet food online and decided to give it a try. It was our last hope before putting him through veterinary tests. Within the first few days of changing his food to TLC his stomach health improved almost 100%. He's been eating it for 5 months now and his appetite and stomach health are amazing! He scratches at his bowl asking for more food! We are so unbelievably happy and relieved that our sweet, sassy 14 month old boy is healthy now and no longer has stomach issues! ⠀
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