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Grooming Guide for New Puppy Parents

TLC Pet Food shares a grooming guide for new puppy parents that lays out the tips and tricks to grooming a puppy properly.

What’s the benefit of grooming my puppy?

Grooming is an important part of being a pup parent. Grooming doesn’t just help keep your pup looking good on the outside; it’s an essential part of keeping them healthy and happy. Ungroomed eyes, ears, teeth, nails, and fur can cause pain and discomfort for your dog. Grooming needs vary according to breed. Ask your breeder to show you how to groom your puppy properly. Follow this grooming guide for new puppy parents to help you introduce a grooming routine to your pup!

An Early Start

With a new puppy, it is important to start introducing them to grooming tools and routines early. This will help both you and your pup gain confidence and become comfortable with all their grooming needs. Dogs who do not experience any grooming when they are a pup can sometimes become nervous with the grooming process and have issues or discomfort throughout their whole life when being groomed. 

Take It Slow

Some people may think that grooming is something both the dog and the owner would want to rush through, but this is not the case. When introducing your pup to a grooming routine, it is important to take it slow. Help your pup become comfortable one step at a time. Begin by getting them used to someone handling their paws and their face before beginning to groom. Try to spend a little more time grooming each grooming session until they are comfortable. Whether focusing on your new pup’s hair care or dental care, it is important to take your time. Try giving them some treats throughout the process to help reinforce grooming as a positive experience.

Get to Know Your Dog’s Coat & Dental Needs

An important part of our grooming guide for new puppy parents is getting to know your pup’s breed’s hair type and dental history. These will have a big impact on your pup’s grooming needs. It is important to get to know your dog’s coat and how best to care for it. Not all dogs will have the same grooming needs, but all dogs will need some form of grooming. Ask your breeder what type of grooming your puppy will need and if any trouble areas need special attention in their grooming routine. View our hair care tips for your pet here.

Ask for What You Want

If you choose to take your pup to a professional groomer, be sure to ask for what you want and be specific with them. Let your groomer know how your puppy typically reacts to grooming to help keep them informed on your dog’s specific needs and behavior. Communicate what you want your dog to look like by giving examples or even showing them some photos.

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