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Hair Care for Your Dog: Short, Long, and Curly Coats!

TLC Pet Food shares important tips regarding hair care for your dog and advice for grooming short, long, and curly dog fur.

Grooming may seem like a tedious chore, but it remains essential for having a happy and healthy dog. All fur types will require regular hair care to promote hygiene and circulate the oils that are critical to having a healthy coat. An unhealthy coat will have dry and damaged hair with lots of loose fur in the coat. The haircare your dog needs may differ from that of another dog. Find out the best ways to care for your pup’s hair type by reading our suggestions below!

Short-Coated Dogs:

Yes, even short-haired dogs require frequent grooming and brushing to help maintain their coat. Those with short hair dogs will know all too well that this does not exempt you from dealing with lots of shedding. Haircare for your short-haired dog can take commitment. Pet owners can do many things to help keep their pup’s short coat shiny and soft!

  • Making sure you brush your dog’s coat weekly will help remove excess loose fur, dirt, and dandruff. 
  • When brushing your pups, short hair dust can often end up in the air, so we recommend dampening your dog’s fur with water before brushing. This will help smooth out the coat. 
  • For best results when grooming your dog, try using a short, soft-bristled brush. 
  • You can use a de-shedding brush specifically for short-haired dogs during intense shedding periods to help remove even more loose fur.  

Long-Coated Dogs

There is no doubt that many beautiful dog breeds have long flowing coats. However, this comes at a price. Long-coated pups often come with lots of shedding and grooming required. No matter the breed, most long-haired dogs will require more grooming and regular hair care to help maintain their beautiful coat. 

  • Try brushing their coats daily to help combat the shedding and tangling often experienced with long hair dogs. It does not take long for a small tangle to turn into a sizeable matted knot. Matted fur can often be painful and uncomfortable for your pup, so keeping up with your grooming is important. 
  • A long bristled brush works best for long coats and helps to catch any loose fur. Make sure you are brushing through the whole length of the hair. Brush from the root to the ends of the hair. 
  • During their shedding season, you may want to try using a de-shedding brush. 
  • When bathing a pup with long hair, it is important to allow the water to flow down their fur and not against their fur to avoid tangling and clumping.

Curly-Coated Dogs:

Pups with curly hair are often favored because of the low amounts of shedding associated with their fur, but hair care for your dog will still require lots of work and grooming. Keeping their fur clean and debris-free is key in helping their coats look their best. 

  • It is very easy for dirt and debris to get caught and stuck in your pup’s curly coat. This dirt and debris can get stuck in the skin until it is groomed. Regular brushing through your dog’s hair will help ensure this debris does not cause knots and mats that can be painful for your pup. 
  • Use a slicker brush to brush through your pup’s curly fur. Make sure you are not just brushing the top layer of fur. Separate the fur and brush from the root to the end of the hair all the way through. 
  • Try using some hair conditioner on knots and mats you are having trouble brushing through. 
  • Trim your dog’s hair or bring them to a professional groomer as needed to help keep your pup’s fur at a length that is manageable for you. 

Healthy Diet, Healthy Coat:

No matter the type of fur, ensuring your dog maintains a smooth and shiny coat starts with their diet. Make sure your pet is getting important nutrients like those found in TLC Whole Life Pet Food. TLC contains high-quality animal fats, herbs & oils to give your pet a healthier, shinier coat. 

Looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside.

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