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How to Properly Bathe Your New Puppy

TLC Pet Food shares tips and advice for new puppy owners on safely and adequately bathing their new puppy and introducing them to a bathing routine.

Bathing your puppy for the first time can be fun, but it is important to bathe your puppy to properly keep them safe and clean. Your puppy should only have a bath when required. Frequent bathing can dry out the skin and coat, leading to abrasions and other skin-related problems. Only use lukewarm water when bathing your puppy because the puppy can be sensitive to heat. Make bath time a positive experience, so your puppy knows not to fear it in the future. Give your puppy lots of praise and affection during bath time. This will help them stay calm and still while they have a bath. Try feeding them some treats throughout the bath to reinforce bath time as a positive experience.


Be sure to use a recommended shampoo for your breed of dog and only use a small amount. Rinse thoroughly to get all of the shampoos out of your puppy’s fur. Similar to humans, leftover shampoo can be itchy and cause dandruff.

Take extra precautions when washing sensitive areas and avoid getting soap and water in your pup’s eyes and ears. Make sure your puppy is still before you begin cleaning around their face.


Try to be very gentle while washing and rinsing your puppy. Puppies are sensitive and should be bathed similarly to a young baby. Try to avoid rubbing and scrubbing your pup as they are not yet used to the feeling, and it can be hard on their skin. Gently lather the soap onto their fur. 

puppy in bath

Puppies move around a lot which could make it challenging when it comes to bath time. Try using a teapot with lukewarm water to rinse off your puppy. The use of a spout will help clean their face without getting soap in their eyes.


Once you have rinsed your puppy correctly, be sure to dry your pet thoroughly with a clean, dry towel. Again, be gentle when drying off your pup, and continue giving them lots of praise and affection until they are no longer wet.

Whether your puppy loves or hates bath time, these tips will help to ensure you can properly bathe your new puppy!