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puppy getting teeth brushed

How to Care for Your Puppy’s Teeth

TTLC Pet Food explains the importance of dental care for your new puppy and adequately caring for their teeth to help avoid common oral issues.

Dogs are prone to the same issues that people are when it comes to dental issues – cavities, tartar/plaque build-up, and gum disease are all common in dogs. Depending on your breed of puppy, extra attention to dental care may be required as some breeds are more prone to dental issues. You can help prevent these common issues by including dental care in your pup’s grooming routine. Find out how to care for your puppy’s teeth by following these simple tips:

How often should I brush my puppy’s teeth?

Preventing cavities and tartar build-up in your pup is similar to preventing dental issues in people. Brushing your pup’s teeth regularly (2-3 times a week) will help maintain their teeth health. Breeds with a known history of dental issues and poor oral health should ideally have their teeth brushed daily. It is important to keep up with your pup’s brushing routine as poor oral health can lead to problems for your pup down the road.

What do I use to brush my puppy’s teeth?

Be sure to use a toothpaste formulated for dogs because human toothpaste foams too much which can cause an upset stomach. If you do not want to use toothpaste, you can use water or baking soda. As far as the instrument is concerned, dog-specific toothbrushes can be bought at any pet store, as well as finger caps. 

How do I brush my puppy’s teeth?

You should begin by making sure your pup is comfortable with having you around their mouth. Ease them into the cleaning by petting their face and snout. You will only need to use a small dab of toothpaste. Allow your pup to smell and try the toothpaste before you begin. Only the outsides of the teeth need to be cleaned. The dog’s tongue will naturally clean the inside and top surfaces.

In between brushes:

Dental care does not only consist of brushing your puppy’s teeth. There are many things you can do between brushes to maintain their oral health. Chew toys and treats that help with oral health are a great place to start. TLC’s Natural Health Biscuits are designed to clean your puppy’s teeth and freshen their breath. This is achieved by adding the fine chewing particles that naturally and gently scrub the surface of the tooth. As a result, your puppy will have cleaner and healthier teeth.

Pet Tip

TLC Whole Life Health Biscuits are effective for fighting tartar buildup by scraping the teeth.