child holding kitten

How to Bond With Your Kitten

TLC Pet Food shares some fun and easy ways to build a bond between you and your new kitten that will last a lifetime.

It is no doubt that you and your new kitten will create an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. Working on creating this bond early on is important for your kitty’s development. We have listed a few fun ways to help you bond with your kitten!

Everyday Activities

The best way to bond with your cat is also the simplest way to bond with your cat. Spending some downtime with your new puppy is a great way to feel connected. Relaxing with your pup will allow them to feel safe and calm around you. Involve your kitten in your everyday activities. Whether it is some cuddle time before bed or having them around you while you work, you and your kitten will be bonding. 


Having a routine for your kitten is a great way to help them get comfortable and feel connected to you. Try to stay consistent with your kitten, and this will make it easier for everyone to adjust. Keep their litter box in one secluded place, schedule playtime in the evenings, always feed them simultaneously. A comfortable, while the adjusted kitten will bond with you the easiest, and having a routine, is the first step to this. 

Play Time

Playing with your new puppy and spending quality time with them other than relaxing will help develop a bond between you and your new little friend. Choosing interactive games that allow your kitten to use its instincts is a great way to be involved in your puppy’s fun. Letting your kitten be a kitten and engage in play will let you get to know their personality and behaviors. This will ultimately help you build a better bond with them and provide your kitten with a much-needed mental and physical outlet. 

Affection and Quality Time

Spending time with your kitten is one of the best ways to have them trust you and bond with you. You are petting them when comfortable, and giving praise is a great way to connect with your new kitty. Your kitten loves spending quality time with you. The more love and attention you can give them, the more bonded you will be.