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Tips for Kitten Proofing Your Home

TLC Pet Food shares tips for kitten proofing your home that will help you prepare for the safe arrival of a new kitten at your home.

It is time to prepare your home for the arrival of your new kitten. You want your kitty’s new home to be safe, welcoming, and secure. Prepare your home just like you would for a baby that crawls. Remove all items and objects that are in reach and may be harmful to your kitten. Kittens are curious and love to scratch; they may cause harm to themselves and their belongings. Try viewing your home from your kitty’s perspective. Look for any objects in reach that could be dangerous to their health, such as electrical cables or breakable decorations.

What to Avoid:

  • Open Lids: Garbage cans smell good to your pet and contain foods your kitten will want to explore. It is essential to keep your garbage covered and secured. Waste contains harmful and potentially toxic items for kittens. Keeping your toilet bowl lid closed is essential as kittens can fall in and get trapped. Keep bathroom doors shut if possible to keep cats out completely. 
  • Medication & Cleaning Supplies: Avoid storing any household cleaners and medicines within reach of your new kitty. These are very toxic and can be a source of poisoning for your kitten. They need to be locked away where a cat cannot get to them. 
  • Batteries: Batteries are very toxic and can be very dangerous for your kitten to get ahold of one. It is wise to keep all electronics that contain batteries away from your kitty. Battery-powered electronics can be easily swallowed or chewed by your kitten.
  • Open Windows: Make sure all window screens are secure or locked at all times. Kittens love to find a cozy place like a window, but if your windows are not protected, this could be a potentially hazardous situation for your kitty. Even if your windows are not high off the ground, you do not want your new cat escaping through the window. 

What to Have:

  • Fireguards: Kittens love to find warm areas to curl up. Kittens are curious creatures, so keeping cats away from dangerous items like heaters or candles is essential.
  • Childproof Latches: Having latches on doors and cabinets will help keep your kitten away from dangerous areas that may contain cleaners and other choking hazards. Just closing your cabinets will not always be enough to keep your smart kitty out of them. Make sure to lock and latch them.
  • Storage Bins & Cord Covers: Avoid clutter by storing items like electronics and minor choking hazards in bins held high and away from where your kitten can access. It is also essential to cover your cords and secure the wires in your home. Tuck away cables from curious and teething kitties.

Follow these tips to help keep your new four-legged family member safe and healthy. To learn more about common household hazards, visit our blog here.

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Scratching Post: Make sure to have a scratching post for your new friend. You will want to give your little kitten an outlet for their scratching, or else your furniture will become their new favorite scratching subject.