Taking a Closer Look at Your Pet’s Food

We break down what makes TLC Pet Food the right choice for your pet and how it can make a difference in your four-legged friend through every stage of their life.

Fresh and Whole​

Our fresh, never frozen ingredients arrive daily from trusted farms and suppliers. Our formulas include rosemary extract to help naturally preserve the food and maintain its flavor and nutritional quality.

TLC is packaged and shipped right to your door, ensuring your pet receives the freshest food possible. Other foods that claim to be fresh can sit on store shelves for unknown periods of time before finally being lugged home by the consumer – that doesn’t sound very fresh to us!

Delivered Fresh​

no corn, wheat, or soy​

no artificial colors or flavors​

no by-products or filler​

Enhanced Nutrition​

TLC Pet Food is a complete and balanced diet and includes brain and immune-strengthening DHA Omega -3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, chelated minerals, glucosamine & chondroitin, and pre and probiotics.

Our formulas help ensure your pet will look and feel their best throughout every stage of their life. 

low glycemic recipe​

pre & probiotics

salmon & salmon oil (OMEGA 3 & 6)​


Trusted Product​

Many pet owners know the correlation between quality nutrition and good health, but with so many options available, it can be hard to know which brands you can trust. TLC Pet Food has been delivering superior quality nutrition since 1994 with one mission: to help pets live longer, happier lives. TLC has over 27 years’ worth of happy and healthy customers and has never experienced a recall for any of our pet food formulas. 

TLC Pet Food conducts regular feeding trials in compliance with the guidelines laid out by AFFCO, testing digestibility, stool volume and quality, and palatability. TLC Pet Food is made in a plant with some of the industry’s most rigorous quality control standards, including a specific set of quality and performance standards to prevent safety hazards like cross-contamination. The plant complies with CFIA, USDA, EU, and international regulatory requirements. It was the first Canadian dry-pet food manufacturing facility to achieve the BRC certification status, a global, comprehensive food safety program requiring yearly re-certification and competency grading of the participating companies.




Order TLC Whole Life Pet Food Today!​

Our highly digestible blend of premium quality ingredients provides your pet with a complete and balanced diet.​