The Power of Protein: Value of High-Quality Meat

TLC Pet Food explains what makes a high quality source of protein and the impact a meat-first formula can have on your pet's overall health.

Every ingredient in your pet’s food plays an important role in their overall health and well-being, but one of the most impactful ingredients is your pet’s main source of protein.

Protein provides your pet with muscle power, energy, and a strong immune system. When your dog consumes protein, they break it down into individual amino acids, and each protein source provides different essential amino acids to help keep your pet functioning. This is why TLC Pet Food includes more than one meat-based protein in every bite of TLC and why our company was one of the primary pet foods to include highly concentrated meat-based proteins as the main ingredients in our pet food. We understand the power of protein and provide only the best, highly digestible meats for your fur baby. 

TLC Pet Food includes lamb, chicken, and Omega-3-rich Atlantic salmon, providing amino acids, digestibility, and palatability.  Not all protein sources provide the same quality of nutrition for your pet. Plant-based proteins such as peas or legumes can offer vitamins and minerals for your pet but serve as an inferior source of protein when compared to meat-based proteins. This is because most plant-based proteins will not contain the same range of essential amino acids or ‘usable protein.’ Having quality protein sources in your pet’s food is essential and can have lifelong impacts on their overall health. All TLC Pet Food use named animal-based protein sources listed as the primary ingredients in our Whole Life Pet Food.

It is also important to remember that the quality of the protein stems from the quality of the meat it was sourced from. This is why the ingredients used in TLC Pet Food are carefully sourced from trusted farms and suppliers. Our chicken arrives from North American farms, our lamb from New Zealand (the highest quality lamb available), and our Atlantic Salmon from sustainable fisheries in Norway. Our suppliers meet our stringent requirements for safety and quality and undergo regular reviews.

The Power of Protein:​

Taking a Closer Look at TLC’s Meat Based-Proteins:​

  • Lamb: Superior ingredient for muscle development and overall body maintenance. ​
  • Chicken: Excellent source of protein and fat that provides essential energy and flavor that dogs love. It also promotes muscle, tissue, bone and teeth development.​
  • Salmon: Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids that supports heart, circulatory, skin and coat health. Our salmon meal is naturally preserved with Vitamin E, and is 100% Ethoxyquin free.​

The lamb, chicken, and salmon meals used in TLC only contain the animals listed but have had the moisture removed from the fresh meat. 

Benefits to having meat meals in your pet’s diet:

  • 4-5x the nutrients found in the same quantity of fresh meat.
  • 90% digestible protein
  • Approximately 5% moisture content compared to fresh meat, which is 70% water causing it to lose nutritional value once cooked.

80% High Quality Animal-Based Protein​