Unbox TLC Whole Life Dog Food: Prioritizing Important Meat Proteins

TLC prioritizes the health and well-being of dogs, ensuring they receive the nourishment they need to thrive.

TLC Whole Life Dog Food has a taste pets love, and quality ingredients owners can trust. Our meat-first formulas include multiple quality animal-based proteins that help provide your dog with what they need to thrive!

The “Meat First” Philosophy

TLC Pet Food’s commitment to quality nutrition begins with its “meat first” philosophy. We prioritize meat as the first and main ingredient in all of our pet food. This approach mirrors your dog’s ancestral diet, which is rich in animal proteins. The protein found in TLC Whole Life Dog and Puppy Food is over 80% quality animal-based ingredients. The first and main ingredients used in our puppy food and dog food will always be superior quality meat, and we are proud to provide pet food that is filler and by-product-free! 

The Importance of Safety and Quality

All of the meat meals used in TLC Pet Food are made from whole parts of the animal like breast, thigh, liver, etc.; and all meat used in our food comes from animals inspected by the USDA and certified “fit for human consumption”  (meaning they are NOT made from 4D animals aka “Dead, Diseased, Disabled or Dying). All meat meals used in TLC are named (i.e., chicken meal = 100% chicken, etc) and are free of animal waste, like feathers, heads, entrails, beaks, feet, etc.,

Understanding Meat Proteins

Meat proteins are essential for dogs as they provide the building blocks for muscle development, maintenance, and overall health. TLC Pet Food recognizes this fundamental need and sources high-quality meats to ensure optimal nutrition for furry companions.

Removing the moisture from the fresh meat leaves you with a product called meat meal. This process does not diminish the nutritional value; in fact, the same quantity of meat meal has 4-5 x the nutrients found in the same weight of fresh meat due to the difference in moisture. Meat meal is left with approximately 5% moisture content compared to fresh meat, which is 70% water. 

Benefits of TLC Pet Food’s Whole Life Dog and Puppy Food

1. Superior Quality Nutrition:

TLC Pet Food delivers a nutrient-dense meal that mirrors a dog’s ancestral diet by placing meat at the forefront of its formula. This focus on quality proteins ensures that dogs receive essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, necessary for vitality and overall well-being.

2. Enhanced Palatability:

Dogs often prefer the taste of meat over other ingredients. TLC’s Whole Life Dog and Puppy Food appeals to their instincts, resulting in meals that are not only nutritious but also incredibly palatable, making mealtime a joy for both pets and their owners.

3. Digestive Health:

The emphasis on quality meat proteins in TLC’s formula promotes better digestion and absorption of nutrients. TLC Whole Life Dog Food and Puppy Food are approximately 86% digestible, meaning 86% of the nutrients in TLC are absorbed by your pup’s body. By using superior meats and avoiding the inclusion of fillers, the risk of digestive issues and sensitivities is reduced, leading to happier and healthier pets.

4. Coat and Skin Health:

Dog food with essential fatty acids present in meat proteins helps maintain a shiny coat and skin. TLC’s Atlantic salmon and salmon oil provide Omegas 3 and 6, also known for their anti-inflammatory effects. 

TLC prioritizes the health and well-being of dogs, ensuring they receive the nourishment they need to thrive. By choosing TLC, pet owners can rest assured that they provide their furry friends with a diet that satisfies their taste buds and supports their overall health and longevity.