10 Easy DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

Ten creative homemade costumes that will have your pet looking spooktacular!

Halloween is the perfect time of year for pet parents to get creative and have fun with their beloved furry companions. Crafting a homemade costume for your pet not only lets you bond with them but also allows you to create unique, budget-friendly costumes that are sure to make your pet the star of  Halloween. Here are ten creative homemade costumes that will have your pet looking spooktacular!

1. Pumpkin Pup

A classic Halloween costume that’s both easy to make and incredibly cute. Craft a pumpkin costume with an orange shirt and black paint, marker, or felt. 

  1. Pick a t-shirt your pet’s legs can easily fit through without restricting their walking ability.
  2. Get creative and design your own Jack-O’-Lantern face on the t-shirt using black paint, marker, or felt.

2. Superhero Sidekick

Transform your pet into a superhero’s loyal sidekick with a homemade suit and cape. All you need are two T-shirts in your favorite colors. Make sure one of the T-shirts fits your dog comfortably.

  1. Trace the shape of a cape on one of the shirts and cut it out.
  2. Attach the cape to the main T-shirt with hot glue.
    (Alternatively, you may cut out a hole near the neck of the main t-shirt and loop the cape through the hole to tie it on.)

3. Land Shark

We all know little pups have sharp teeth that would help to make them the perfect land shark this Halloween. 

  1. Use thick cardboard to trace and cut out a shark fin shape.
  2. Use the leftover cardboard to cut out a small rectangle to be used as a sturdy base for the fin to sit on.
  3. Paint these two pieces grey and glue them together.
  4. Fasten your new fin to the back of a t-shirt, and your pet has the perfect DIY costume!

4. Bumblebee Buddy

This sweet and straightforward costume is as delightful as honey. Create a bumblebee costume with yellow and black fabric or tape. Your pet will be the buzz of the block.

  1. Use black tape or felt to create stripes around the yellow t-shirt. 
  2. Cut out a small triangle for the stinger and fasten it to the bottom of the shirt. 

5. “Mummy’s” Bestfriend

All you need for this spooky style is toilet paper! This easy DIY will have your pet looking like the most adorable mummy! 

  1. Wrap your pet up in toilet paper.
  2. Be sure to avoid wrapping too close to your pet’s face.

6. CEO (Chief Tasting Officer)

Transform your pet into the head of the “TLC Tasting Division” with a napkin and tie or bow tie. Provide them with some TLC Whole Life Pet Food or Dog Biscuits to taste – we are confident they will give us two-paws up!

  1. Tuck a cloth napkin into your pet’s collar.
  2. Fasten a pet-friendly tie or bow tie comfortably around their neck.

7. Goofy Gumball Machine

Be the talk of your walking route with this adorable gumball-inspired costume. Grab a red T-shirt, some colorful craft pom pom balls, a black marker, and a glue gun.

Be ready to supervise your pet when they’re in costume at ALL times, and do not allow them to chew at the pom poms. 

  1. Fill ¾ of your pet’s t-shirt with colorful pom poms using a hot glue gun. Make sure the pompoms are effectively secured.
  2. Make sure you place the pom poms close together so it looks like a cluster of gumballs in a gumball machine. 
  3. Use a black marker to draw on a ‘coin slot’ and a price (i.e., ¢ 50) on the bottom of your pet’s costume. 

8. Barking Baker

Does your pet like to show up in the kitchen every time you start to cook? Maybe they are an inspiring chef or baker! Dress them up using an apron and some kitchen spoons!

  1. Fasten an apron comfortably to your dog – you may need to trim it to fit them better.
  2. Accessorize them with some wooden kitchen spoons or spatulas. 

9. Childhood Plush Toy

Does your pet resemble the cuteness of a cuddly stuffed animal? Dress them up as a beanie baby this year! All you need is some string, cardboard, and paint.

  1. Cut out an oversized heart from some cardboard.
  2. Paint the heart red, and use yellow paint to add a trim around the outside of the heart. 
  3. Trace a lowercase ‘t’ and ‘y’ on the heart and fill them in with white paint.
  4. Cut a small hole in the top corner of your heart and feed string through the hole so you can place the ‘tag’ around your dog. 

(Alternatively, if you have a printer, you can print out the tag for a fast and easy costume.)

10. Classic Costume

Perhaps one of the most timeless and easy Halloween costumes of all time is a sheet ghost! All you need to complete this costume is a white sheet or pillowcase, depending on the size of your pet, and some scissors. 

  1. Trim the sheet to the size that would best fit your dog.
  2. Cut two large eye holes and one large mouth hole that is big enough to fit over your dog’s snout.

When creating homemade pet Halloween costumes, always keep your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Ensure the outfit doesn’t restrict their movement or breathing, and avoid using small parts they could chew on or swallow. Be ready to supervise your pet when they’re in costume at ALL times and remove it if they appear uncomfortable.