Easy Interactive Games for Pets

Exercise your pet's body and mind with these fun and simple games.

Regular walks and training sessions are great for pets, but adding interactive games to your routine can deepen your bond and work on new skills in a fun way. 

Exercise your pet’s body and mind with these fun and simple games. You’ll find that playing with your four-legged friend benefits you just as much as them!


Once they get the hang of it, pets love to be led and praised by their owner. This game will challenge their listening skills. Positive reinforcement is a great way to teach your pet any new game. To play ‘Follow the Leader’ with your pet, move around to different areas of your home, backyard, or park. Praise your dog every time they follow and keep their attention on you. If you are playing this game outside, keep your pet on a leash and praise them for following you without needing a tug. 

Have your dog follow your lead by stopping when prompted. Get your dog walking beside you and come to a stop. Praise your dog for staying by your side and not continuing to walk ahead.


This is a game any food-motivated dog will love! Hide your pet’s TLC kibbles or biscuits in different areas of your home or yard. Once all the TLC is hidden, allow your dog to seek the food and enjoy a tasty reward for a job well done! 

Using their sense of smell will help relax and tire your pet out.


Another fun game for dogs is an at-home agility course. This is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog through problem-solving.

Your course does not need to be complicated, especially if your dog is a beginner. You can use household objects, such as ‘cones,’ to teach your dog how to weave through objects when running. Use their TLC kibbles or biscuits and have them follow you through the course, weaving back and forth. 

Tie one end of a rope or rolled blanket to a tree or sturdy chair. Stand on one side of the rope with your dog and throw a piece of their food to the other side. Prompt them to jump over the rope to get the treat! You can also throw the food under the rope and prompt them to go underneath if jumping is too tricky.


This game will test your pet’s recall ability through tempting distractions. Ask your pet to sit and focus on you; once you have their focus throw their favorite toy in the other direction and call them back with your chosen command. Reward them for ignoring temptation and listening to you. 


This game will involve two or more participants, but it will keep your pet running back and forth with enthusiasm! Pass your pet’s favorite toy back and forth between two people while your dog chases it. If your pet is not motivated by toys, you can pass some food or treats back and forth. Let your pet win the reward now and then to help keep them engaged! 

Have fun testing out these games with your pet! Trying something new will get their tail wagging and mind working.

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