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How to Successfully House Train a New Puppy

TLC Pet Food shares tips and advice for successful house train a new puppy to use the bathroom outside without accidents in the home.

House training a new puppy is something all new puppy parents will want to start right away. The sooner you begin, the fewer amount of accidents your puppy will have in the house. It can often be a frustrating task, but when done right can be easy and effective!

Follow these tips to help you successfully house train your new puppy:

  • Choose a spot outside where you want your puppy to relieve themselves
  • Every time your puppy has relieved themselves in the spot you have chosen, give them praise or a TLC Health Biscuit
  • Take your puppy outside after every meal, first thing in the morning, after naps, before bed at night, and anytime after playing.
  • Do not expect your puppy to go all day or night without having to go outside.
  • For safety reasons, watch your puppy closely when they are outside
  • Do not distract your puppy while they are doing their business
  • If your puppy has an accident, do not yell at them. Unless caught in the act, your puppy will be unsure of why they are being punished
  • Feed your puppy at consistent times

Keep Track:

Keep a diary of when your puppy relieves themselves. This will help you keep track of any patterns your puppy may have with their elimination schedule. After 16 weeks of age, you should start to notice that the intervals at which they relieve themselves will begin to spread out, as well as any accidents in the house, reduced. Keeping track of when your puppy relieves themselves will also be helpful to your veterinarian should you feel the need to consult them on house training.


Taking your puppy out frequently will help you successfully house train your puppy. As a guideline, your puppy will need to relieve themselves roughly every 2 hours. It is essential to take your puppy out after every nap, meal, and play session. All of these activities will trigger the need to eliminate. Again, please do not disturb them during this process.

Keep it Clean:

If your puppy does have an accident in the house, make sure it is cleaned well, so no trace of urine or feces remains. Not only is this for sanitary purposes, but this will also help prevent your puppy from being naturally drawn to the same area to relieve themselves.


Puppies avoid going to the bathroom where they rest. If you cannot keep a close eye on them as they roam the house, keeping them in their confined area will keep them from having an accident. This will also prevent them from exploring areas of the house you may not have prepared for them and potentially eating something within reach that could be harmful. Please make sure the crate you buy for your puppy gives them enough room to lie down, stand up, and turn all the way around, as this will make them feel safe and secure.

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