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Staying Organized With a New Puppy

TTLC Pet Food shares easy-to-follow tips for staying organized with a new puppy in your home and how to prepare for their arrival.

An important part of preparing to bring home a new puppy is having a system in place to help you stay organized. Once you bring home a new member of the family things can be a little hectic. These tips and tricks will help make organizing for a new puppy fun and easy!

pet bag

Grab and Go Bag

Having a bag prepped and ready to go near your door with your pup’s belongings is a great way to stay organized. This will help ensure you are always ready for an outing. Keep a small purse or bag that contains everything your pup will need for a daily outing. This includes a leash, poop bags, water bottle/bowl, and treats. This will help you stay organized and keep your house clutter free!

Puppy Files

Ensuring all your pup’s important files are stored and organized in the same place is very important. Having a puppy file will help make puppy parenting hassle free. Create a filing system just for your pup so you never struggle finding the document you need or mix them up with your personal files. It is important for you to keep up to date records for your puppy. These records should include things like veterinary and licensing records, adoption or breeding papers and photographs. This information is often mandatory for kennels, pet sitters, moving or relocating to new veterinarians. Keeping all these records organized and together will save you a lot of time. No fear of having to hunt through a pile of papers to find one important document.

puppy in box labelled small things

Toy Bin

You may want to spoil your pup with an abundance of cute toys however, this can also mean a big mess if you don’t have an easy way to organize all these toys. Make sure you have a designated toy bin just for your pup that you can quickly throw their toys into. This will make it easier to clean up on the fly. You may even want to teach your puppy how to put their own toy’s away!

Designated Eating/Drinking Space

Giving your puppy their own designated space is a great way to stay organized once they arrive. You will want to make sure your puppy has their own space for their food and water dishes. Your pup should know which area of the house is their designated space. Puppies can get their eating space a little messy with splashing water and food crumbs, try putting your bowls under a mat that will help to catch this mess. By keeping your pups eating space out of way this mess should not interfere with your main living spaces.