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Picking the Right Toy for Your Puppy

TLC Pet Food shares advice for picking the perfect toy for your puppy and how to know which toy is the suitable toy based on your puppy’s needs.

Believe it or not, puppy toys are not always one size fits all. Picking the right toy for your puppy and their needs can have many beneficial effects on their behavior and safety. Here are a few key things to consider when buying toys for your puppy:

Chew Toys

Providing your puppy with a tough chew toy will be very beneficial to them while they are still curious about objects and chewing. As puppy chew toys are important because they can help reduce pain for your puppy when their adult teeth are coming in. Like children, young pups will go through teething and need a good chew toy to play with. Chew toys can also help to keep your puppy’s teeth clean and their jaw strong. 


When picking a toy for your puppy, consider the size of the toy you are buying and make sure it is not something they could potentially swallow. It is important to avoid choking hazards when picking a toy for your pup. If there are small components of the toy that could be chewed off and swallowed, possibly pick a different toy or make sure you are constantly monitoring your puppy when they play with that toy.

Play Time Tendencies

If your puppy enjoys cuddling and holding toys and is not one chew, you may want to pick a soft toy that they can carry with them and use for comfort. If your dog is a chewer and tends to destroy their new toys within minutes of buying them, try to buy rubber toys specially designed for tough chewers. Avoid getting toys filled with stuffing as this can not only be harmful to your dog to swallow but will also help you avoid a big mess. You know your dog’s playtime tendencies will help when picking the right toy for your puppy.

Toys for Bored/Curious Puppies

If your puppy is one to get into trouble or act out because of boredom, then consider a toy that will help keep them occupied and intrigued. Interactive choices like puzzle toys where a puppy needs to find a treat are great for curious puppies who get bored quickly. Find a toy that you can hide treats in; this will keep your puppy happy and busy for a long time. 

Toys for Separation Anxiety

If your puppy deals with separation anxiety or you fear they may get a little nervous once you start leaving them for longer periods, try picking out a toy designed to keep your puppy calm and relaxed. You can even try creating your comfort toy from an old sweater or blanket that smells like you. 

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