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Tips For Puppy Proofing Your Home

TLC Pet Food shares tips for puppy-proofing your home that will help you prepare for the safe arrival of a new puppy at your home.

It is time to prepare your home for the arrival of your new puppy. There are a few important tips for puppy-proofing your home to follow. You want your puppy’s new den (your home) to be safe, welcoming, and secure. Prepare your home just like you would for a baby that crawls. Remove all items and objects that are in reach and may be harmful to your puppy. Puppies are curious and love to chew. As a result, they may cause harm to themselves and your belongings.

Try viewing your home from your puppy’s perspective. Get down on your hands and knees and look for any objects in reach that could be dangerous to your puppy’s health, such as electrical cables or breakable decorations.

What to Avoid:

  • Open Garbage Bins: Garbage cans are filled with exciting new smells and foods that your pup will naturally be curious about and want to investigate. It is important to keep your garbage covered and secured because it can be filled with dangerous objects. Many items in our garbage are harmful and potentially toxic items for puppies. 
  • Medication & Cleaning Supplies: Avoid storing any household cleaners and medicines within reach of your new pup. These are very toxic and can be a source of poisoning for your puppy. They need to be locked away where a puppy cannot get to them. Plastic bottles and childproof lids are no match for sharp puppy teeth.  
  • Batteries: Batteries are very toxic and can be very dangerous if your pup chews or swallows one. It is important to keep all electronics that contain batteries away from your puppy. Remotes and battery-powered toys can be easily swallowed or chewed by your puppy. This is very dangerous to their health and would most likely require a trip to your veterinarian.
  • High Ledges and Chairs: New pups can be very clumsy, putting them at risk if they jump or fall from a high distance. Pups are still tiny and delicate. Keeping your pup away from tall chairs and ledges is important until they are stronger and more coordinated. You must always have a secure grip on your puppy when holding them high distance from the ground as they tend to wiggle and move around a lot. 

What to Have

  • Puppy Gate: Have a gate that can block your puppy from entering rooms and staircases where you do not want them wandering. You cannot watch over your new puppy at all times, so this helps to ensure they are kept in a safe place. Make sure this space is safe and secure. Your pup should have enough room to play and move around.
  • Childproof Latches: Having latches on doors and lower cabinets will help keep your curious pup away from dangerous areas. You will want to lock any cabinet that contains cleaners, toxins, and choking hazards. 
  • Storage Bins & Cord Covers: Avoid clutter by storing electronics and small choking hazards in bins. Store them up high and away from where your puppy can access them. It is also important to cover your cords and secure the wires in your home to ensure they are tucked away from curious and teething pups. 
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